Hole 6


Next is the most difficult hole of the 18 holes, with very challenging terrain for players when right from the teeing area, players will have to make a shot with a minimum drop of 200 yards to clear the trap. water before the teeing ground, with the periphery on the left extending to the end of the hole and the long bunker on the right, players must prepare mentally before making a tee shot. sand on the left of the green, then the player must calculate the next shot when the green is uphill, after the green steep slopes, strong crosswinds and the right bunker in front of the green will be factors that continue to challenge psychologically and player skill.
Hint: Serve the ball towards the left bunker near the green, note that the wind is blowing strongly in the green area, right behind the green the terrain will slope sharply, the ball is completely in danger of rolling into the OB area. Pay attention to the position of the flag and the flag to accurately calculate the wind strength and safe direction.


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