1. Operating hours

Operating hours of Dragon Golf Links (Hereinafter referred to as “The Course”) will be determined by The Club and will be set with the sole purpose of serving the Members and Guests in different seasons or conditions.

  • Operating hours in Summer/Autumn and Winter/Spring:

+ Summer/Autumn: 5:00 – 21:00 daily;

+ Winter/Spring: 5:30 – 21:00 daily.

  • Members and Guests must follow the regulation of operating hours.

2. Temporary closing for maintenance

Board of management of Dragon Golf Links Club (Hereinafter referred to as “The Club”) keeps the right to close the golf course partly or wholly at any time for maintenance.

3. Entering objects

  • Members;
  • Members’ Guest;
  • Visitors;
  • Others: sightseeing visitors, F&B visitors…

4. Parking

  • Parking will only be allowed in designated areas for Members and Guests. Members and Guest sare responsible for parking in the prescribed positions, not in the wrong lane.
  • Drivers of Members and Guests may take a rest and use services at the restaurant.

5. Betting and gambling are not allowed.

Preservation of personal property

  • Personal property of Members and Guests is stored in a locker. When checking out, Members and Guests must return locker key and leather wallet to reception. In case of misplacement or loss, Members and Guests must take compensatory payment (200.000 VND per locker key and 200.000 VND per leather wallet).
  • The Club does not encourage Members and Guests to bring high-value assets to the course. In case of that, Members and Guests should declare to the receptionist for a safe storage method.

6. Preservation of The Club’s property

  • Members and Guests have obligations and responsibilities to The Club in the preservation, use and compensation of damage or loss caused by such Members and Guests, whether directly or indirectly, in unintentional or intentional error.
  • Damage or loss of property of The Club caused by Members and Guests or their families, will be the responsibility of the Members and Guests and shall be charged to the Members and Guests.
  • Charges of compensation for damage or loss will be calculated based on input price (some specific situations can be decided by the General Manager).

7. Buggy regulation

  • Electric vehicle drivers must be at least 18 years old, with a B1 driver’s degree or higher.
  • Golf course employees must be trained, tested and certified to operate electric vehicles at the course.
  • Drivers should use only right foot to hit the accelerator pedal or brake.
  • When switching forward to backward or vice versa, drivers should stop the buggy completely.
  • Vehicles may only travel on the road, not onto grass.
  • Vehicles need to be parked close to the edge of grass and along the golf course, without blocking other vehicles.
  • Drivers should reduce speed near the corner.
  • Drivers should keep the distance from forward vehicles.
  • Drivers should check the vehicle before operation and notify the club when there are abnormal or unsafe conditions immediately.
  • In case of an abnormality or the car shows signs of being hit, The Club will proceed to make a record and the driver must be responsible for compensating for the damage of the vehicle.
  • Charges of compensation for damage or loss will be calculated based on input price (some specific situations can be decided by the General Manager).

8. Damage to green

  • Members and Guests who damage the green surface will be liable for compensation for replacing and maintaining the grass.\
  • The compensation fee is 10 million dong per time regardless of the level of damage (some specific situations can be decided by the General Manager).
  • Depending on severity or attitude, The Club will apply some handling violation methods such as: refusing service, notifying the Vietnam Golf Association, …

9. Regulations on handling when polishing hazards

Members and Guests who hit the ball dangerously when the front group has not passed a safe distance (the safe distance between the 2 groups is at least 320 yards for the group after teeing with drivers and 300 yards for the other clubs) will be liable for compensation if there are consequences for the injured person. Depending on severity, The Club will apply some handling violation methods such as: refusing service, notifying the Vietnam Golf Association, …

10. Lost property

All lost assets are recorded at the location and time of discovery. Security staff, receptionists and discoverers will conduct inspections, seal and store at the golf course reception.

Members and Guests report lost property at the golf course reception. Members and Guests need to prove ownership for lost property.

11. Golf Attire

Proper golf attire is required for all players (see attached annex 1). Tank tops, tee shirts, sweat pants, swimwear, cut-offs, tennis dresses or gym shorts are not considered proper golf attire.

12. Etiquette

  • Members and Guests will have a caddy and a golf bag during the play.
  • Members and Guests must use a golf cart when playing golf. A maximum of two players and two caddies are allowed to ride in a golf cart.
  • Number of golfers in a group:

+ In weekends and holidays: From 3 to 4 golfers in a group.

+ On weekdays: Minimum 2 golfers in a group. Members may play golf alone.

  • Sightseeing visitors (not play golf): A maximum of two sightseeing visitors are allowed within a group. Children ages under 10 must never be left in a golf cart by themselves. Members and Guests must pay a walking fee.
  • Members and Guests must follow the regulation of speed of play:

+ Each 18 hole round should be completed in 4 hours and 40 minutes. Each 9 hole round should be completed in 2 hours and 20 minutes;

+ Slower group must give way to faster group.

  • Tee box using:

+ Black tee: professional golfers;

+ Blue tee: golfers who have handicap under 29;

+ White tee: golfers who have handicap over 29 or newbies;

+ Red tee: female golfers and children under 15 years old

  • Members and Guests must not use balls in driving range to use in golf course.

13. Regulations on conduct

  • Members and Guests should behave in accordance with the provisions of the Golf Law. Members and Guests always have a gentle, polite attitude, do not make noise, argue, quarrel, hit people, speak profanity, curse… The Club reserves the right to immediately suspend the right to play golf and request to leave the course when Members and Guests commit any of the acts mentioned in this section.
  • Members and Guests who play golf must take full responsibility for the behaviour of the guests they invite to play with during their time at the club.
  • Members and Guests who appear drunk, use drugs or show uncontrollable behaviour… will not be allowed to play golf on the course.

14. Phones, cameras, garbage, sound and pets

  • The mobile phone must be set to silent mode, avoiding disturbing others. No noisy, loud conversations.
  • Do not take photos or videos without the permission of the competent manager of the club.
  • Do not make noise or disturb other players.
  • Do not throw garbage indiscriminately.
  • All pets are prohibited in the club area.

15. Regulations on conduct for club staff

  • The Club is responsible for disciplinary measures against club staff. Members and Guests do not have the right to verbal insults, physical or otherwise infringement on any employee of the club.
  • Complaints relating to disciplinary action against any club staffs (including errors in service and customer satisfaction) should be reported to The Club and be in writing.
  • Members and Guests are not entitled to require any club staff to perform special personal services that are not in accordance with their job requirements.
  • Members and Guests are not entitled to make requests for staff to travel outside the golf course area.

16. Reservations

  • Members and Guests should reserve the tee time before 24 hours.
  • Members and Guests should provide full information related to their reservation, including: date time, number of players, their names, type of visitors (member or not), caddy request, their contact and other requests (if have).
  • Cancelation or change about reservation must be notified not later than 12 hours.
  • Members and Guests who do not notify cancellation more than three times in one month will have no right to prioritize reservation in 90 days.

17. Caddy request

  • Members and Guests may request a specific caddy before 24 by contacting the reservation department of The Club. Reservation department will confirm with Members and Guests if available.

18. Safety regulations

  • Members and Guests must follow instructions of caddy, starter and marshal.
  • Members and Guests must not bypass the hole when not allowed by the Golf Operation Department.
  • Members and Guests should read instruction of using the golf buggy carefully and follow it. Golf carts should be driven and lied on cart paths.
  • Members and Guests must only hit the ball when ensuring safety for other golfers and caddies.
  • When bad weather occurs during the play, The Club will notify by a honking, then Members and Guests should move in to kiosks or footrest point. Members and Guests only return to play after the second honking.

19. Proposals and complaints

  • The Club welcomes and encourages suggestions to improve The Club’s service quality.
  • All proposals, criticisms or complaints are made in writing, forwarded to The Club and signed by the person who proposes, criticises or complains.
  • Anonymous suggestions, critiques, complaints will not be considered.

18. Violation

Members and Guests violate The Club’s rules and regulations, depending on each case, The Club will issue appropriate sanctions: sending reminder letters, compensating penalties, suspending the right to play golf for a certain period of time, disqualifying or terminating membership.

19. Enforceability

  • The Club reserves the right to cancel or modify such rules and regulations whenever it deems necessary. It is the duty of all Members and Guests to familiarize themselves with these rules.
  • All Members and Guests playing golf must comply with the Golf Rules issued by the R&A Club and the USGA Association and The Club’s rules.
  • When starting to participate as Members and Guests of The Club, you agree and automatically follow all the rules of The Club.
  • These rules and regulations may change at the discretion of The Club Management Board without prior notice to Members and Guests.
  • This takes effect from the date of signing.

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